Following John's death, Ian is now obliged to clear the remaining stock and offers this quality book at only $25.00.

ALSO. As an 'Arms Fair Special' he will include a copy of Swinfield, for only $10.00 more, with all purchases of his titles over $100.00.



 Ian Skennerton


 ​​Australian author & documentary producer, Ian Skennerton, will exhibit at the Hunter Valley Arms Fair.

 Ian is internationally recognized for books on the development, history and use of the Snider, Martini

and .303 British Lee-Enfield service rifles and bayonets.

The .303 saw military service throughout the Empire from 1889 to the 1970’s, made in England, India,

Australia, Canada and the USA.
His last book,
‘The Lee Enfield’, is the culmination of a life-long study into this iconic rifle.

Recognized as the definitive text on the .303, it expands on his earlier volumes.  

First publishing in the 1970’s, Ian is author of over 100 titles on

Australian & British firearms, machine guns, grenades, bayonets and

military accoutrements.

Most are now regarded as prime source material for historical researchers

and firearm enthusiasts.

Ian’s recent compilation of Ron Hayes’ handgun collection produced

                       ‘Hayes Handgun Omnibus’ 
A pictorial anthology and brief history of hundreds of handguns from flintlocks

of the 18th century to handguns of the 21st century. All in colour.

Not just the rare and exotic but the everyday and common, a unique resource.
The 'Hayes Collection' is now on display at the Lithgow (NSW) Small Arms Museum.

Vale Ron Hayes  23/4/17.

Unfortunately, Ron Hayes, dedicated collector and author, passed away at age 92

in April, 2017.  Ron was well known and highly respected in collecting circles. 

Ian is charged with disposing of the the unsold copies of Ron's book​  and will be offering 

them for sale at less than wholesale price.

HAYES HANDGUN OMNIBUS was $99.00 now only $45.00
Both titles will be available at the Arms Fair. Lee Enfield signed by the author.

Ian’s prior work in the movie industry has seen him branch into DVD video production. 

He now has a range of DVD titles of both historical and firearms interest.

Ian’s books are complemented by his latest DVD/CDs,

          ‘Small Arms Series Live'

                      with Brian Labudda

Consisting of an 80+min DVD with interactive research CD these sets contain the history,

detailed markings, cleaning, stripping, maintenance, live fire, manuals, armourer’s charts,

photo folders & research material.


Of particular importance to Australians is his research into the little known

late-1941 mission to West Timor by Australia’s “Sparrow Force”.

Sparrow Force stalled the Japanese occupation of Timor and tied up valuable

resources which would otherwise have been directed at New Guinea and the islands.

Forced to capitulate and endure years as POWs, it is an epic saga of dedication

against overwhelming odds.
The documentary ‘Footsteps of Sparrow Force’

and stable mate ‘Guns & Gear of Sparrow Force’

are a fitting memorial to these brave Australians.

His most recent productions will be available at the

                       Hunter Valley Arms Fair.

“Full On - Full Auto #1” BRITISH & US MACHINE GUNS 

Detailed study of British and US machine guns with specs, stripping

and live fire. It includes the Hotchkiss, Lewis, Vickers, Bren, Sten,

Sterling, Austen, Owen, Browning, M16, mini-gun, etc. and is a

fascinating examination of arms technology that few of us

will ever experience.
History of European, Soviet, Chicom and Japanese machine guns.

Madsen, Hotchkiss, MG08, MG08/15, MG34, MG42, MP38/40, PPSh,

AK47, AKM, RPK and many others.

Both titles are single CD's and are just over 70 mins each. 

 Ian is also an accredited valuer and appraiser and contributes valuations to the US

 'Blue Book of Gun Values'.

 Whilst he can be commissioned to value entire British Military collections he is happy to                                                                          advise Arms Fair patrons on identification of individual firearms of British/Commonwealth                                                                        origin.

 If interested, bring along detailed photographs of the gun, action, bolt, proof marks, stock                                                                         stamps and sights. On .303" service rifles be sure to photograph the markings on the                                                                               action under the bolt knob which should include a date.

Come and see the books, videos and talk to IAN 
at the Hunter Valley Arms FAIR

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only $25.00

Deceased estate sale!

         Originally published in 2009 at $66.00 ​incl GST

                                                            Now Only                    


            Colonial history & firearms ~ First Fleet to WW1

                         Hardcover, colour and B&W, 312pp

A compilation of articles by renowned Australian author, columnist,

historian and firearms collector, JOHN SWINFIELD (1922 ~ 2014)

This book was edited and produced at the behest of the Swinfield

family before John's death.

It is a tribute to John's outstanding 50 year contribution to arms collecting and the recording of

Australian colonial history.

A great reference source for the beginner, the seasoned collector or anybody with an interest in

Australian history.


​Limited copies available

Ian has often been commissioned to edit and publish titles for other authors. In 2007 he was approached by the family and friends of John Swinfield, who proposed, as a tribute, collating and republishing numerous articles which John had contributed to various publications during the course of his life.

The result was 'Australian Antique Arms & History' and it was released in 2009.

It is now, affectionately, just referred to by arms collectors as 'Swinfield'.

Sparrow Force


Guns & Gear

only $35 each


 Hunter Valley Arms Fair



 #1 or #2

only $35.00

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd SEPTEMBER, 2018