Hunter Valley Arms Fair



 Ian Skennerton


 ​​Australian author & documentary producer, Ian Skennerton, was invited to exhibit at the Hunter

Valley Arms Fair.

Unfortunately, Ian has just accepted a research assignment in South East Asia and will be out of the

country on the weekend of the Hunter Valley Arms Fair.

​Ian has apologised for being unavailable but his literature is stocked by other dealers.

 Ian is internationally recognized for books on the development, history and use of the Snider, Martini

and .303 British Lee-Enfield service rifles and bayonets.

The .303 saw military service throughout the Empire from 1889 to the 1970’s, made in England, India,

Australia, Canada and the USA.
His last book,
‘The Lee Enfield’, is the culmination of a life-long study into this iconic rifle.

Recognized as the definitive text on the .303, it expands on his earlier volumes.  

First publishing in the 1970’s, Ian is author of over 100 titles on

Australian & British firearms, machine guns, grenades, bayonets and

military accoutrements.

Most are now regarded as prime source material for historical researchers

and firearm enthusiasts.​

Come and see the books  at the Hunter Valley Arms FAIR

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Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd SEPTEMBER, 2018